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Psychospiritual Coaching and Jungian Depth Work

The Way Is Through

Here's the paradox. You're here to remember what is eternal and universal - the pure love and spiritual being you are - while expressing that through the vehicle of a human psyche and personality. 

It's not easy. You have some blocks to love and peace within you. You know the truth but at times you become reactive and agitated. Your relationships suffer. You struggle to balance and fulfill different sides of your personality. And some areas of your life keep showing you where more compassion and insight are needed. 

So what is the path? Do you try to get ride of a so-called ego? Dismiss all your thoughts and desires as unspiritual? That doesn't work.


It's only by bringing love and understanding to the psyche that we will grow spiritually and accomplish our life's purpose. 

My gift is in seeing people's spiritual strengths and challenges with unique clarity, bringing the healing light of empathy and gently pointing the way forward. My joy is in seeing the most authentic essence of the person come forward and flow into life with renewed vision and vitality.


The creative, spontaneous soul sends forth its promptings of desire and aspiration in us. These promptings are our true fate, which it is our business to fulfill. A fate dictated from outside, from theory or circumstance, is a false fate.


What is it like to work with me

In my experience, the most powerful catalyst for higher consciousness is to come into a deeper, more honest relationship with ourselves and others. It's to treat everything in our psyche and daily life as worthy of attention and care. That is why the most luminous and transformative conversations are often those where you feel free to talk about the most difficult aspects of your experience. The areas where we are feel the most stuck naturally hold the most potential for transformation.

Working together, you will encounter a clear voic
e of grounded wisdom, and you will feel deeply seen on all levels. My role is to meet you at your growing edge. I listen for the pain that's never been heard and needs to be spoken. I also listen for the words and ideas that signal new energy and growth in you. And I use laser-sharp intuition to help you see your main obstacles and opportunities for higher love and perspective.

I help people develop a soulful and integrated vision of psychospiritual development. Our task is to bring luminous awareness and insight to our psyche. As we live from conscious presence, we can realize the pure awareness, love, and energetic vitality of our real being.

The way is through. I can show you how. If you feel called to broaden your consciousness and enrich your inner life, I welcome you to contact me. 

What saves a person is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but you have to take it.  

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When we don't take action, things will often stay the same or get worse. Taking action is the most powerful way to create a breakthrough. Psychospiritual support can help you to


- Live from conscious presence. 

- Learn self-love and heal emotional wounds

- Know what to no longer tolerate in your life

- Follow your bliss and life calling

- Make relationships and sexuality conscious​

If you're ready to take a step, message me and let's talk about what's going on in your world.


Deep Support for Your Inner Life

I'm here to help you pay closer attention to your inner life.


Attention is the first movement of love. What hurts, calls for attention. From attention comes understanding - and then transformation.

When you more deeply understand your thoughts, feelings and actions, you start to actualize your full potential. New insights naturally bubble up, and healing happens. Your daily energy and attitude become more fresh and dynamic, full of optimism and courage rather than fear and doubt. 

But to get to this place, there is inner work to do. To know who we are, where we are going and how to get there starts with exploring the more unconscious areas and blindspots in our psyche.

For this process, there is nothing more powerful than receiving the compassionate support and insightful feedback of an experienced guide and mentor --- Someone who can quickly see the whole picture and help you plant the seeds of change in your life.


This is what I do as my life's calling and mission. I facilitate growth through deep listening and highly accurate reflections on where your biggest challenges and opportunities are. 

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