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There are times when you need to understand yourself and your life more deeply -- when you need to stop trying to figure it out on your own, using tips and tricks gathered online. 

It's not easy. You have some blocks to love and peace within you. Despite your best efforts, you become reactive and agitated. Your relationships suffer. You struggle to balance and fulfill different sides of your personality.

When you feel stuck in painful patterns, wondering how to finally heal or wake up, this is when working with an experienced, compassionate guide to the inner life can create breakthroughs.

My goal is to help you know who you are at the deepest level. That starts with facing all the little things in your life that keep you unconscious and disempowered. I will guide you to see things from a higher view and take courageous action that changes the situation - and transforms you in the process. 

My intuitive gift is to quickly perceive the inner obstacles you are facing and point the way forward. My role is to meet you at your growing edge, the place between the old and the new. I listen for the pain that's never been heard and needs to be spoken. I also listen for the words and ideas that signal new energy and growth in you.

My joy is in seeing the most authentic essence of the person come forward and flow into life with new vitality. When you embrace the adventure of a conscious and self-actualized life, new doors will open for you. If you feel you'd benefit from guidance at time, let's have a conversation about how you're doing lately.

A Deeper Approach

I am familiar with what's out there in the world of life coaching, psychotherapy and spiritual teachings. I say in all humility that much of it is a case of the blind leading the blind.


Even among many spiritually wise, "awakened" beings, there is a great deal of ignorance of psychological dynamics.

From life coaches to therapists to spiritual teachers, many are pushing a superficial focus on shifting your cognitions -- either replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, or telling you to just see that all thoughts are false and are creating a false self.


They tell you that if you see that thoughts are "empty" then you will find out that your very self is also empty and that it doesn't exist. Instead there is only "oneness." Supposedly, you are then going to live from love and no longer struggle with your emotions, relationships, work, money and sexual issues.

This is disempowering nonsense and it will not awaken you spiritually.


So let's drop the seductive fantasies that you are going to somehow, one day lose your human selfhood and live without thinking, feeling or choosing anything anymore. It is a lie.


Spiritually mature people do live without much neurotic thinking and worrying --- but that doesn't come from losing yourself or regarding your mind as an inner enemy. It comes from learning to think properly, to understand your feelings and be guided your higher, essential self as the conscious power (soul) behind your thoughts and feelings. 

What most people are struggling with is not that they simply "think too much." It is that they have unresolved, unconscious dynamics in their psyche. It is that they do not understand who they are -- their personality type -- and therefore do not understand how to be true to themselves.

What most people struggle with is being caught in reactive emotions instead of living from deep feeling and intuitive response. This cycle of misery comes from tolerating situations they should reject, or from being passive in their lives where they should be active. 


There are many causes of our inner suffering which simply will not get resolved by detaching from your thoughts. Gaining a sense of detachment and space from your thoughts and learning to observe them is only the kindergarten of spiritual growth. To gain intuitive wisdom demands much more self-knowledge and insight into your psyche. 


From that basis we can enter a genuine, vibrant spirituality that doesn't further fragment us. That is what I help people discover.  


Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. HELEN KELLER

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