Empowered Awakening

A soulful approach to self-actualization and enlightenment.


Thursday April 30 - Sunday May 3, 2020

Join us for an enriching four-day retreat at the Art of Living Retreat Center, an award-winning center for Yoga and Ayurveda overlooking the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Empowered Awakening Retreat

In this weekend workshop with Dr. Michael Damian, we’ll dive into conscious presence and explore a soulful and integrative approach to enlightenment.

After his life-changing awakening of consciousness in 2006, Michael Damian understood that enlightenment doesn’t mean losing yourself. What feels like losing yourself, from the mind’s viewpoint, is in fact the most real experience of yourself possible. Together we will practice the keys to our greatest existential homecoming—to pure awareness, deep love, delightful innocence and divine guidance. We will discover how love, not detachment, is what liberates the human heart. 

Enlightenment means the luminous embrace of heaven and earth, human and divine aspects, in consciousness. Yet, so many of us have separated enlightenment from our soul’s urge toward personal empowerment and expression in the world, as we tell ourselves that our daily thoughts, desires and longings are illusions.

In this retreat, we’ll recover a sacred view of our individualized consciousness (psyche, soul) and heal the inner division created by unbalanced views of our ultimate nature. Michael will help you root yourself in pure consciousness while fully embracing the adventure of self-actualization in the world. Seen rightly, everything serves our awakening to divine love and truth.

You’ll learn to

  • Live from conscious presence

  • Embrace your unique personality and life path

  • Understand the role of meditation in awakening

  • Clarify situations by taking courageous action

  • Discern the voice of divine guidance

  • Relate to others with radical honesty.

Bring your deepest questions and difficult situations to share with Michael, a gifted mentor and intuitive healer. He has a gift for seeing exactly where a person is stuck and speaking a few words of love and truth that create breakthroughs. When Michael answers your question, the words are addressed to your unique nature and resonate with surprising insight, humor and humanity. With him there is no spiritual facade whatsoever. He does not claim to be guru, master or anything other than a spiritual friend and guide.

Through meditation, contemplation, self-inquiry, and group discussion, you’ll gain an integral understanding of your spiritual psychology, leading to peace and happiness.

This program is open to everyone.



Thursday April 30 - Sunday May 3, 2020