Miracle of miracles, beyond statement, most spiritual and vaguest of earth’s dreams, yet hardest basic fact, and only entrance to all facts. In such devout hours, in the midst of the significant wonders of heaven and earth, (significant only because of the Me in the centre,) creeds, conventions, fall away and become of no account before this simple idea. Under the luminousness of real vision, it alone takes possession, takes value. Like the shadowy dwarf in the fable, once liberated and looked upon, it expands over the whole earth, and spreads to the roof of heaven.


A Life Transformed

Hi, I'm Michael. 
I am a practicing psychologist, spiritual teacher and author of The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening. I help people around the world experience healing, transformation and awakening through conscious presence. 
Throughout my life I have been oriented toward the inner life of the mind and spirit. From a young age I practiced martial arts and then, at age 19 I went to to study in Amsterdam, my grandfather's birthplace. From then on, I began to engage deeply with literature, music, travel and psychology. I gradually realized that I wanted to focus on the inner life, and my life path was shaped by a passionate quest for knowledge, wisdom and self-transformation.
While I was earning my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I began practicing the principles of conscious presence with intense focus. I also experienced a great deal of healing and self-discovery through Jungian work. At that point I was relatively conscious and peaceful, and I had a few peak experiences of unusual bliss or ecstasy. These convinced me of the unfathomable depth and radiance of consciousness, but I was still mainly identified with the mind. 

Then in 2006, I underwent a life-changing shift of consciousness, or spiritual awakening. I would call this a kind of death and rebirth in consciousness. I write about this awakening and its long-term impact in my book, The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening
Spiritual Guidance and Teaching
Today, I help people live from conscious presence, by which they can experience healing, love and beauty in all aspects of life. In my mentoring sessions, I provide a powerful immersion in conscious presence along with laser-sharp reflections on areas where some confusion is blocking deeper love, truth and divine inspiration from unfolding in their lives. 
To explore working with me please feel free to get in touch.
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