Heal. Integrate. Awaken.

Guidance for self-actualization and spiritual growth through conscious presence. 

Conscious presence is the most transformative factor for creating inner peace, loving relationships and success in all endeavors. As we live with presence we experience our universal, spiritual nature while also becoming more authentic and empowered individuals. In presence there is no longer a divide between the personal and spiritual dimensions. Everything comes together in love and wisdom.

Michael Damian

Welcome to Living with Presence.  
Through conscious presence, we can each experience healing, clarity, unconditional love and spiritual awakening in our lives. We can become the masters of our thoughts and feelings. Not by control and suppression, but by bringing conscious intelligence to our minds.
With conscious clarity, thinking becomes inspired, wise and helpful. And reactive emotions are replaced by the consistent experience of peace, appreciation, empathy and joy. 
I will show you how to gently observe and clarify false thoughts, reactive emotions and unwise actions. You will develop your own direct, functional wisdom for all situations. 
When we learn to live in observing and self-awareness, we directly experience all the higher, positive qualities as our nature - as the natural state. We are then able to bring our best self to relationships and live with purpose and meaning. 
I help people experience how simple it is to live from our conscious, spiritual essence. All that's needed is to start living from your true self and spirit, which is pure love and awareness.