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As a psychologist and spiritual teacher, I offer practical, dynamic guidance that addresses the many obstacles that keep people feeling stuck and confused. Informed by timeless spiritual wisdom and Jungian psychology, I help people become more conscious in ordinary and extraordinary ways. 

After a life-changing awakening of consciousness in 2006, I developed an integrative approach to self-actualization that includes the psychological and spiritual dimensions. I show people how to begin living from greater stillness, love, truthfulness and vitality in their daily lives and relationships. 

There is an art to making what is unconscious, conscious. It involves learning to face, understand and transform our heart and mind on a deep level. The process of self-actualization not only helps us live a better life but also paves the way to spiritual illumination and the sacred.


In my observation, becoming conscious happens most readily through working with a spiritually experienced and compassionate guide. This saves people years of trying to apply highly abstract, easily misunderstood teachings that fail to address their unique blind spots and struggles. 

The central principle of my approach is that I regard the psychological and spiritual aspects as inseparable from each other. If you are curious about working with me, please feel free to explore my work further, and to reach out.


Psychospiritual Guidance

Sometimes you feel stuck in old feelings and habits, wondering how to finally heal or wake up. You've tried various methods but the painful patterns continue. This is when working with an experienced, compassionate guide can create breakthroughs. 

My goal is to help you know who you are at the deepest level. That starts with facing all the little things in your life that keep you unconscious and disempowered. I will guide you to see things from a higher view and take courageous action that changes the situation - and transforms you in the process. 

When you embrace the adventure of a conscious and self-actualized life, new doors will open for you. If you feel you'd benefit from compassionate guidance at time, let's have a conversation about how you're doing lately.

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Psychologist | Author | Spiritual Teacher

Meet Michael

Welcome. I am a Jungian psychologist, spiritual teacher and author of The Art of Freedom: The Art of Awakening (2017). I belief that the great work of our lives is to become conscious.  

After a life-changing shift of consciousness in 2006, I began helping people around the world find healing and higher consciousness through public talks and one-to-one coaching. 

I work from a soul-centered approach based in contemplative wisdom and western depth psychology. My role is to meet you at your growing edge, the place between the old and the new. I listen for the pain that's never been heard and needs to be spoken. I also listen for the words and ideas that signal new energy and growth in you. My intuitive gift is to quickly perceive the inner obstacles you are facing and to point the way forward. 

I work with people around the world who want to transform their lives from the inside out. If you feel called to work with me, I welcome you to get in touch. 


I have rarely come across a therapist and teacher with such a broad knowledge, insight, intuition and applied wisdom.

Explore My Services

Have a look at the different types of support I offer. If you're not sure what you need, just send a message and I'll be glad to answer your questions.








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