Heal. Integrate. Awaken.

Guidance for self-actualization and spiritual growth through conscious presence. 

Conscious presence is the most transformative factor for creating inner peace, loving relationships and success in all endeavors. As we live with presence we experience our universal, spiritual nature while also becoming more authentic and empowered individuals. In presence there is no longer a divide between the personal and spiritual dimensions. Everything comes together in love and wisdom.

Michael Damian

Welcome to Living with Presence.  
I am a spiritual guide and depth psychologist. I help people navigate the process of becoming conscious, integrated and awakened in Life. This is a process of coming to understand and directly experience our conscious, transcendent nature while also becoming psychologically more integrated and mature. 

Altogether, we could call our human experience a process of self-actualization. When we approach the challenges of life and our character development in the right spirit, we come to the realization of Heaven and Earth, the union of sublime and ordinary, love and wisdom, divine and human in our own experience.