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Become who you are meant to be.

Transformative Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

Dr. Michael Damian

Michael Damian is a Jungian psychologist, spiritual teacher and author of The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening​In addition to practicing psychodynamic therapy, Michael guides people around the world who wish to live a self-actualized and spiritually awakened life. Michael's work is informed by a life-changing shift of consciousness that took place in 2006.  

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I offer highly intuitive, practical guidance for transforming your life toward real love, personal empowerment and higher consciousness.

Intuitive Guidance for Knowing Yourself

I am an Intuitive who is here to inspire, guide and empower people. An intuitive is someone who is skilled at perceiving the essential, and uncovering hidden connections and potentials. 

Common themes of my work include:
Personality type. Masculine/feminine polarity. Conscious/tantric sexuality. Authenticity. Following your bliss. Jungian archetypes. Sacred dreams. Development inner stillness. Taking bold, creative action. Seeing through cultural illusions. 

Sometimes my intuition enables me to predict things with high accuracy or to know what hasn't been said, but that is not my focus. What's more valuable is my ability to help you unlock your own wisdom and empowerment.

We all have ways of being unconscious, confused or disempowered. As we become conscious, these lighten up and we gain an expansive and noble sense of self. 

From that sense of self, we remain unique individuals but also feel transparent and connected to all of Life. We are then able to express our particular talents and inspirations in a way that further connects us to others. 

Sessions embrace every aspect of life such as relationships, emotional-energetic blockages, and the deeper aspects of meditation and Self-realization. With a broad understanding of psychological issues and their connection to consciousness and spiritual development, I can help you navigate your inner world in a way that many therapists and coaches cannot.

If you'd like to explore working together, please read further and get in touch.


I've seen you do more with a handful of words than most psychologists do with weeks or months of sessions.

- VM, Canada

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