Do you see O my brothers and sisters?
It is not chaos or death—
it is form, union, plan—

it is eternal life—

it is Happiness.


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Empowered Awakening

A soulful approach to self-actualization and enlightenment.


Thursday April 30 - Sunday May 3, 2020

My core message is that your life is meaningful. Along the way, we face many challenges. If we approach these with the right attitude, then everything serves the development of higher consciousness. My mission is to help each person discover the full glory and truth of what Life is and can be, in Spirit.
Now many spiritual traditions have told us that to find love and peace within, we have to lose ourselves in some way. In truth, we find happiness when we become radiantly conscious and integrated. To live from this empowered and enlightened self is a process of understanding and maturation.
As we go through this process, we feel an old, limited mentality is dying. And we may come to a great moment of conscious awakening, when the spirit reveals its full radiance and purity within us. But even this is not a real death of our self. It is simply the revelation of just how deep our Being goes. The surest path of spiritual awakening is to treat your existence as a sacred process of self-discovery, not as an illusion to be escaped. We must understand that our own psyche and life is the Way, and it unfailingly shows us where our lessons are. Self-actualization is a spiritual path for realizing a fully divine and fully human life.

The Self-Actualized Life.

An integrative spiritual path based in humanistic depth psychology and contemplative wisdom. 

I'd like to invite you into a new story — of healing, self-actualization and wholeness. 

A story of finding new vision and guidance for Life, by listening to the depths of your own psyche and being. 


The narrative in some spiritual teachings is that to find real love and peace, we need to entirely transcend our limited self or so-called ego. This is ultimately a misleading and disempowering narrative.


The truth is that real enlightenment does not mean losing our self. It is in fact the deepest experience of our self possible. Authentic spiritual awakening is a natural homecoming—to pure awareness, deep love, delightful innocence and divine guidance. All these are aspects of our nature. In the awakened, self-actualized state of being, our individual personality blossoms to the fullest, yet also exists within a greater context of conscious love and oneness. 

In this approach to personal and spiritual development, we view the self as both divine and human. In the divine aspect, our essential nature is pure consciousness or spirit. In the human aspect, the self is the individual psyche. 

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.


Your Life is the Path 

The most practical and grounded path to the awakened, self-actualized state of being, is learning to love, honor and understand our individual psyche and path in life. That means opening to the spiritual dimension while also integrating the psyche and actualizing our potential in life. 

When we bring enough conscious presence to our personal mind it is revealed as the divine itself. Most importantly, we learn that what liberates is love. Once sufficient love has been accessed within us, a true detachment and peace arises. The attempt to find peace in meditation, for example, will fail unless we access love. 

Love is not emotion. It the conscious light that we bring to our  unconscious aspects. To be present with ourselves and others is the first movement of love. Then comes understanding and appreciation.  

Natural Awakening and Empowerment

In this new story of self-realization, there is a natural, gradual change in how you view yourself. You exchange a small, deficient and merely material (or social) notion of yourself for the full radiance of your consciousness and deep psyche. You replace fear with courageous action in the world. You learn to bring stillness and clarity to all that you do. 

Through conscious connection with your spiritual ground, your most authentic individuality and creative intelligence emerges. Sourced in spirit, you can reach out to discover deeper friendship, connection and constructive action in the world. 

There was never a real division between Being and becoming, between pure consciousness and the individual human. But experiencing this reality begins with the Word and the telling. It begins with thinking in a new way. 


Emergent Consciousness

Everything comes together when we embrace Self-Actualization as our life's work and spiritual path. Humanistic and Jungian psychology observe that human beings have an innate urge to grow —toward fuller consciousness, meaning, love and wisdom. This urge to grow includes all aspects. It extends from the deepest spiritual longing to know the Divine, all the way down to the desire to defeat negative habits, succeed in our work and find social belonging.


In truth, these concerns cannot really be separated, as the structure of Creation is that our lowly, worldly problems - and desires - are actually what force us to grow spiritually, if we approach them properly.


The problem is that too often, we have never understood how to integrate our inner and outer lives. We tend to either become worldly people cut off from our spiritual depths, or ungrounded spiritualists who lack practicality and integration. 

Wisdom comes from living the paradox of divine individuality and spiritual oneness. We are not mechanical, determined beings. We unfold like Nature, in a spiraling arc where new growth elaborates on the old. Heaven and Earth are mingled together in the awakening human being. 


Welcome to a new story of awakening.