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Become who you are meant to be.

Transformative Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

Dr. Michael Damian

Michael Damian is a Jungian psychologist, spiritual guide and author of The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening​In addition to practicing psychodynamic therapy, Michael guides people around the world who wish to live a self-actualized and spiritually awakened life. Michael's work is informed by a life-changing shift of consciousness that took place in 2006.  

I offer highly intuitive, practical guidance for transforming your life toward real love, personal empowerment and higher consciousness.

I believe the goal of life is Self-realization.


By Self I am referring to the fullness of our conscious and transcendent nature. It is that power which, when it awakens to itself, tells us we are eternal and divine beings. This power also liberates, transforms and fulfills our most authentic humanity, allowing our higher qualities to shine through the personality and guide our actions.

You Are Not an Illusion

In popular spirituality, many teachings see our human nature and psyche as mere illusion. They claim that we must lose our self to find true peace and happiness. I believe this approach is deeply mistaken and misleading.


Usually, when these teachings refer to a "self" they are only talking about the most petty, deluded, selfish or negative thoughts and feelings a person has. This really makes no sense, for our selfhood also includes our essential consciousness, and our positive qualities of love, joy and wisdom. 

My approach, based in Jungian depth psychology and the Western mystical tradition, is more integrative. What is often called the ego or lower self, is only a confused and unconscious mode of being. Our essential and higher self is there all along, only waiting to be awakened and realized.


We do not become adults by realizing that childhood is "an illusion." We simply outgrow our childhood and realize a far more expansive and mature consciousness. It is the same with spiritual development. 

The True Self Is Always Present

No matter how loveless, fearful or foolish we may be at times, we remain eternally connected in spirit to God and our true being. We do not need to lose our self in order to find happiness -- we need only realize what our true self is. 

We traverse his sacred journey by facing our darkness and becoming conscious, both psychologically and spiritually.


It is in and through human personality that we awaken to the fullness of spiritual Life that we are called to. My calling is to guide and support people in this process. Naturally, that includes all the practical and relational aspects of our very ordinary lives -- and yes, sometimes it means diving deeply into meditation and spiritual principles.


With a highly practical but also inspired and spiritual point of view, I assist people in becoming who they are meant to be.

If you feeled called to this path of depth psychology and spiritual unfolding, then I welcome you to explore further and to connect with me.
 Meanwhile . . . 


Peace be with you. 


Empathic, intuitive, practical guidance

One-to-one Sessions

Sessions with Michael embrace every aspect of life from practical problem-solving, to relationships, emotional-energetic blockages, and the deeper aspects of meditation and Self-realization.

With a broad and deep understanding of psychological issues as well as diverse spiritual experiences (including Near-Death), Michael validates the daily difficulties as well as the transcendent aspects of being human. 

If you'd like to explore working with Michael, please read further and get in touch.

OCTOBER 1 - 10, 2023

The Netherlands

Healing and Self-Realization Meetings

Live from conscious presence.
Know yourself at the deepest level.
Live a divinely guided life.

For the first time after the pandemic, Michael will be teaching again in the Netherlands, offering public events and private, one-to-one meetings in and around Zwolle. Talks are given in English but Dutch can also be spoken to Michael as needed.

To inquire further, please contact Jennie van der Wal at  at

Maandag, 2 oktober
Grietenij 17, Lelystad

Dinsdag, 3 oktober
19:30 - 21:30
Het Verlaat
Maatgravenweg 4, Zwolle

Vrijdag, 6 oktober
19:30 tot 21:30
Zijn-plek, Katlijk

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