Keep your attention on spacious awareness of each situation. This gradually removes our deeply rooted subjective ideas and confusions. These have so grown so many branches that we have to climb down from the tangled tree-tops and dwell at the root. This place is more powerful than anything the intellect can concoct on its own. 

To begin with, our attention and energy is dispersed into a thousand directions by divisive thinking. We do not have enough power of insight --- prajna, wisdom, gnosis --- to end this all at once. So we have to start by putting our attention on observing and watching. When our fragmented thought-feeling-energy system is checked by observing and gradually drawn back to the still ground of awareness, then the unifying clarity is born. 

Clarity rescues the mind's projective, imaginative power from foolish directions, and this liberates immense energy. You will feel this recovered energy as free-flowing bliss or well-being, which can also be cognized as love and appreciation. In other words, "I feel good, and I sense this goodness and beauty around me." There is then a sense of the non-duality between self and other, spirit and matter, inner and outer. Why? Because now you're looking from Self, from spirit which knows its nature as full and limitless. 

You can see then, that realizing the oneness of reality is not a matter of going out into the mind or world to join something. It is by returning to your own root and dissolving the idea of separation at its source.