Personality is Part of the Play

In the depths of stillness and impersonal awareness, all sense of being a limited person in a limited world are truly gone. This is a vital discovery that has great impact. As time, world and mind come back on line, we still know ourselves as pure being, consciousness or spirit.

But it is precisely because of the depth of this knowing, that one then feels no need to make a dogma or cult of impersonality. Rather, we experience the personality as an innocent expression of Being. By contrast, it is those who lack the realization, and who are clinging to an intellectual view of freedom or nonduality, who try to rid their language, manner and habits of any trace of the personal.

The sage knows she is the impersonal expressing as the personal — the confluence of heaven and earth, divine spirit and human flesh. The one who lives in the fragrance of truth, like a honeybee sitting in the middle of a flower, feels no need to convince others that they are aware of the greater truth.