Milestones on the Spiritual Path

The first milestone in the spiritual path is the opening to pure awareness, simplicity and suchness. It is the attitude of observing and seeing through habitual reactions, ideas and opinions. It brings quietude and greater psychological objectivity.


But this first aspect has to be lived for a long time. It does not capture the fullness of spiritual qualities and wisdom. Its purpose is to purify and clarify the mind and character. It brings the sense of oneness and deep rest, so that one no longer needs to seek outwardly. In this respect it's a big leap out of the crowd of restless seekers. They're all searching desperately for something. At this level it's clear: Just be! Just see! Just love and let things happen! By worldly standards, anyone who lives from pure awareness with any depth is considered awakened.


The next milestone is when luminous wisdom dawns or pours down. This wisdom has been called satori, realization or gnosis. It is almost always accompanied by a powerful opening of energy. It must because it is so overwhelming. When this wisdom arises, it initially stuns and casts an immense silence into the soul. But from that silence comes real seeing. And that is the consequence of this wisdom. It gives the ability to see not just the simplicity of being and awareness, which are obvious, but to penetrate the human heart and mind in all its aspects.


This is dynamic wisdom from which teaching flows easily. It also brings a deeper knowledge of identity, because this wisdom reveals a far greater radiance of being. It is more empty and subtle yet also more full of love and light.And, I understand if such words sound hopelessly abstract or nuanced. But it is true. From awareness, a greater, more subtle and radiant wisdom is born. It comes by grace. Did you earn it? Yes and no.