Believe and understand that God speaks to you.

How? Through your own conscience. God's speech is constant and eternal; it's our listening that is flawed.

If you start listening intently to your own conscience, what you will find is that the listening confronts you with truth, with your own knowing of right and wrong, of true and untrue attitudes, of love and hate. Your conscience is a light of inner knowing that cannot be put out. The more you listen to it, the more clear your knowing becomes.

And so to continue listening to your conscience means facing the immensity of God or Life, which puts an incredible pressure on each of us to evolve and grow.

There are laws and principles in your conscience that you will recognize to be way deeper than anything you could have conjured up. So the idea that human beings can invent some brand new morality or inner principles is just fantasy.

We think there's such a thing as modern spirituality, or women's spirituality, or men's spirituality. That's all vanity. There is no other spirituality except your deep inner reality -- the reality of what you feel when there is love and sacredness, or joy and beauty, or profound regret or heartbreak.

There is only the inner light and love of your being, or its relative absence in your experience. Light is revealed, strengthened and clarified by your constant inner listening.