Heal. Integrate. Awaken.

Transformative counseling and spiritual guidance with Dr. Michael Damian

I understand these moments come. Feeling caught in fearful thoughts. Stuck in an old self-image. Feeling strained in your relationship.


Something in your psyche is calling to be seen and understood more fully. At times like these, it would be nice to be reminded of your wholeness by a compassionate spiritual mentor and friend. It would be nice to feel supported and seen - both as a spiritual being and an ordinary person facing the usual challenges of life.

Deep Support for Personal and Spiritual Transformation  

We need to talk. To understand ourselves and our experience of life, human beings need to talk to each other. We go wrong when we try to figure it all out on our own. 

There is a time for solitude, and there is a time to seek wise counsel.

My passion is helping you find your way toward greater truth, love and higher consciousness. Yes, we've all studied various teachings and practices. But I find that what people really crave and benefit from is being able to discuss their own personal blockages, patterns and questions with a compassionate spiritual guide. And yes, I am also an experienced depth psychologist.

As both a psychologist and spiritual teacher, my unique role is helping people experience deeper psychological integration while also opening to the spiritual. Because unless we understand this precious miracle of our own human psyche, which literally means soul, I see that our striving toward spiritual opening and enlightenment doesn't go very far. 

I can help you bring out the clarity and strength that is there within you. When I work with people they often say, "Well no one ever put it that way before." I offer highly transformative and practical insights for living your life from your highest truth and power. 

I'm here to say there is a natural way to higher consciousness and self-actualization. The way to greater life, love and God is through your own heart and soul - not trying to go around or above it. 
Even our silly habits and fixations are innocent when looked at with fresh awareness and compassion. 

The way forward starts with being as honest with yourself as you can, and then being honest with someone else about what’s going on. 

Making Conscious What is Unconscious

The great quest of the human journey is to make the unconscious, conscious. It is to replace inner confusion and fragmentation with the direct experience of clarity and meaning. With clarity, love flows and the mind shines with radiant sanity.

What blocks the beauty within us is our false beliefs and the negative feelings and actions these create. If you feel trapped in negative habits and are experiencing self-blame and frustration, let's take a look together at your core beliefs.

To become more conscious we must examine the unconscious ideas that are driving us. That takes paying closer attention and being able to talk about areas of our selves that we have neglected. 

We grow by inner listening - and sometimes we need help hearing what is true amid the noise. 

“For the hero, fear is a challenge and a task, because only boldness can deliver from fear. And if the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is somehow violated, and the whole future is condemned to hopeless staleness, to a drab grey lit only by will-o’-the-wisps.”

C.G. Jung, Symbols of Transformation

Practical Help for Life's Main Lessons

I help people around the world live from conscious presence and find love and empowerment in all aspects of life. I am an empathic intuitive and strong ally for your authentic self. Working together, you will encounter a clear voice of integrated wisdom, and you will feel deeply seen on all levels.


Common areas of focus include   

  • Living from conscious presence 

  • Healing trauma and learning real self-love

  • Knowing what to get rid of and no longer tolerate in your life

  • Conscious relationships, healthy boundaries, deeper intimacy

  • Help with making wise decisions and navigating life transitions

  • Following your bliss and unique life calling.

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