Do you see O my brothers and sisters?
It is not chaos or death—
it is form, union, plan—

it is eternal life—

it is Happiness.



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How do we know if we are making a good decision or doing the right thing in our lives? When we take up a task that's has a pure and meaningful nature, the work itself will carry us. We will feel light, calm, energized and interested. β€‹At first we might feel a wave of fear or resistance that we could wrongly interpret as a sign not to do it, but if we are directed by our inner guidance we will persist through that wave. And then we will be carried in that work which will reveal new capacities and growth in us.

But if a task or work is not aligned with our purpose and we are doing it from a false sense of guilt or obligation, then it will not just be an initial sense of apprehension. We will feel heavy and constricted from start to finish. Unless it is something that necessity obligates us to do, such as job that we are not yet financially prepared to leave, we should know that our inner discord is signaling we're on the wrong track. 


Any decision that is wrong for you will not leave in you peace. It is not true that you should be at peace doing anything at any time, with anyone. And if you live your whole life doing what is not aligned with your purpose and personality, whether it be the wrong career or partner, that is soul destroying and has lifelong consequences.


So the key is this. Find peace with the things that necessity really demands that you do, but gradually build a bridge between necessity and inspiration, so that you can express your divine purpose in this life. You build this bridge moment to moment, decision by decision, by tuning into what feels right and aligned for you. That takes practice.