Do you see O my brothers and sisters?
It is not chaos or death—
it is form, union, plan—

it is eternal life—

it is Happiness.


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Transformative counseling with Dr. Michael Damian

The Movement Toward Healing and Consciousness.

I understand that these moments come. Feeling confused. Caught in fearful thoughts. Stuck in an old, negative self-image. Feeling strained in your relationship.


Something in your psyche is calling to be seen and understood more deeply. At times like these, it would be nice to be reminded of your wholeness by a compassionate mentor and spiritual friend. It would be nice to feel supported and seen - both as a spiritual being and as an ordinary human being facing the challenges of life.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.


Dissolving the Blocks to Love​

The great quest of the human journey is to make the unconscious, conscious. It is to replace the haze of inner confusion and despair with conscious wisdom about the core meaning of life.


When we come to full consciousness, we find that the meaning is Love. It is Being itself - the simple joy of being aware and alive. 


What blocks the love and radiance of our being is false beliefs, misunderstandings, and the bad habits these create. When we harbor false beliefs about ourselves, we live in fear. When we live out of negative habits, we live in frustration.


By dissolving false beliefs, we regain love and empowerment. Our thoughts, words and actions gradually become sane and imbued with divine intelligence.

​An Experienced Guide to the Inner Life

As we learn to live from conscious presence, this inner light works to reveal the areas of our psyche that are unresolved and still cause us suffering. There is a natural movement from unconsciousness to consciousness.

We grow by inner listening - and sometimes we need help hearing what is true amid the noise.

What if you could talk to a guide who is rooted in conscious presence and also provides practical life guidance, relationship counseling and depth work?

Practical Help for Life's Main Lessons

I help people around the world live from conscious presence and find love and empowerment in all aspects of life. I am an empathic intuitive and strong ally for your authentic self. Working together, you will encounter a clear voice of integrated wisdom, and you will feel deeply seen on all levels.


Themes include - 

  • Living from conscious presence (mindfulness, observing)

  • Healing trauma and learning real self-love.

  • Knowing what to get rid of and no longer tolerate in your life.

  • Conscious relationships, good boundaries, deeper intimacy.

  • Help with making wise decisions and navigating life transitions.

  • Following your bliss and unique life calling.

30-Day Mentoring Program

The 30-Day Program is for those who would like to dive into the healing power of conscious presence and experience a month of transformative mentoring with Dr. Michael Damian. It includes:

Four 60-minute Guidance Sessions.

Email access with Michael throughout.

For deep listening to your life history and present concerns; 

Introduction to conscious presence and the self-actualization process; 

along with personalized guidance for improving your life. 

​I am amazed at what my life is becoming. I wouldn't be here without you. I am so at peace and the truth I am arriving at just makes me cry. The beauty and purity of the world I am discovering has me in awe. I mean to thank you a million times. All the gratitude in the world couldn't add up to the value of the work you have done with me. - Leanna

Transformation happens.


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