Counseling for Spiritual Awakening, Relationships and Life Transitions

​I am amazed at what my life is becoming. I wouldn't be here without you. I am so at peace and the truth I am arriving at just makes me cry. The beauty and purity of the world I am discovering has me in awe. I mean to thank you a million times. All the gratitude in the world couldn't add up to the value of the work you have done with me.

Counseling for Spiritual Growth and Awakening, Conscious Relationships, Major Life Transitions, Meaning and Fulfillment

"Who can I talk to that will help find me real clarity and heart-centered wisdom?

"I'd like to find a counselor who is spiritually awakened, understands how energy works and is also an experienced psychologist."

"Who can listen to me in all my current confusion, while seeing and bringing out the truth of me?"

"I don't want to talk to someone who just harps on the big spiritual truths that we've all heard before. I want to talk to someone who makes space for the full mess of the human experience and supports me, step by step, through the crisis I'm in."

These sentiments and questions often surface in times of uncertainty and crisis. They are ones that I am very familiar with and have fascinated me -- because out of 10 guides, each will say different things and resonate differently.

In my experience, even some very wise spiritual guides will somehow miss the heart of the matter, and give advice that does not really suit the soul of a person and their situation.

What makes a gifted healer and mentor? What is so rare, in my experience, is to speak with a psycho-spiritual mentor who will really hear what you feel about all sides of the situation, validating all aspects and reflecting the fullness of your free choice and unique soul path. This is my intention with each of my clients.


Personal counseling sessions offer a transformative, gentle and loving container for psycho-spiritual growth, awakening and integration. The most essential aspect of this work is my understanding that each human being is experiencing their own unique life journey, through the vehicle of their soul or inner character.


Of course, we are all expressions of an unconditionally loving Source, Consciousness or Spirit. Within this divine play, we all have unique challenges and strengths that shape each situation. My role is to meet you exactly where you are, and facilitate the growth that is emerging.

I use my experience as a spiritual teacher and depth psychologist to truly hear, validate and support your experience as it is right now, while also facilitating your insight and heart opening. 


Right when you are wondering if it's okay for you to be pouring out so many thoughts and feelings about a situation, you will find that I am listening deeply and will invite you to continue. Why? Because all of your thoughts and feelings need to be heard -- no matter how trivial, irrational or unspiritual we think they are. By giving them voice we can then see the truth or fiction in them.

At the same time, I know when to gently interrupt and help you refocus and reframe something. Along with empathy for how you feel, I also model clear boundaries and a balance of masculine and feminine sensibilities in Life -- which each of us must learn to access.


My gift is a keen intuitive perception of people's spiritual obstacles and opportunities. With this intuition I then communicate with you in a way that clarifies, inspires, calms and activates your wisdom. I have a deep sensitivity to the underlying levels of suffering, hurt and doubt that you may have, which may be covered over by distracting habits, self-help strategies or highly abstract metaphysical ideas.


I know what exists in the deep psyche or unconscious shadow that we are all so good at hiding from. I have been through the hellish agony of the dark night of the soul and have received real illumination.


I also know exactly what spiritual awakening is, how it unfolds, and whether or not you are deeply awakened or just have had some insights. If you are looking for a spiritual mentor who you cannot fool with a nice story, I am your man. I am aware that countless new-age and spiritual seekers are lost in groupthink and idealistic wish-fulfillment rather than grounded wisdom. I can help you cut through all of that to real love and truth.

I can help you

  • Deepen your spiritual knowing of Essence/Spirit/Consciousness.

  • Bring real love, intimacy and truth to your relationships (and know when to leave one)

  • Create an empowered, spiritually beneficial lifestyle.

My many years of experience as both a spiritual mentor and clinical depth psychologist allow me to see how our spiritual nature inhabits, moves through and awakens from the personality structure. I emphasize that in this process, you cannot skip over the small stuff. You cannot ignore the deep psyche and its laws -- because all of it is spiritual. You may or not receive a great spiritual illumination one day, but I can promise you that doing your depth psycho-spiritual work is the best thing you can do if you want to live an authentic and awakened life.


I work with people from around the world, including the US, UK, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA and ASIA. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please make a donation and email your request. I will then contact you to schedule a Skype session.

Using the PAYPAL button below, you can pay for a Single Session ($130) or invest in a Four-Session Mentoring Package ($496), at a discount. If you write ahead of time to cancel your session, I will immediately refund your purchase on PAYPAL.

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