Wisdom comes from understanding, step by step in your daily life, and not from clinging to awareness, silence or bliss. Wisdom must flow out from its pure source in consciousness and become fully functional in all aspects of life. 
Michael Damian
Awakening Conscious Intelligence

To become a spiritually awakened, wise and integrated human being requires the arising of conscious intelligence, of such clarity that it illumines and informs all human faculties. This process includes the transcendent awakening of pure consciousness to itself, as well as the gradual refining of insight and understanding in daily life and relationships. 

The process of self-realization involves two inseparable aspects. The first is knowing our conscious nature, the transcendent context of our experience. By this we rise out of the state of unconscious identification with mind patterns; and also out of a merely material sense of our existence. The second aspect is psychological insight, integration and purification. 


We come to know and understand our nature as consciousness by observing, which is the natural function and light of our conscious nature. While we live in observing, we must also use our conscious presence to gain penetrating insight to our psychology. This psychological insight removes the blinding and binding ignorance from the mind, so that the direct knowing of consciousness more easily arises. 

In other words, the process of directly recognizing our conscious nature and the process of gaining psychological integration reinforce each other. Psychology without the direct knowing of conscious essence becomes earthbound and cannot liberate. Spiritual awakening without psychological insight becomes ungrounded mysticism; embodied in the hope that all suffering will be removed by one single shift of awareness. 

In order to fully know our spiritual nature, we must make what is unconscious in us, conscious. We must shine the light of intelligence on our psychology and relationships. We must do this because the only thing blocking the full love and wisdom of our spiritual nature is the entrenched false beliefs, distorted thoughts and negative moods in our psychology. 

These obscuring patterns get entrenched as personality disorders, defenses, obsessions and addictions. The hope that a single shift of recognizing awareness as the sole reality (of self and world) will remove all these distortions within us, is a false hope. Although we do not need to perfect our personalities or psychology in order to awaken spiritually, we do need to gain a sufficient degree of meditative stillness, insight and integration. 

The principle is that Light begets light. Instead of waiting for one great epiphany, which may or may not come, we must work with the light we have. At all times, our focus should be to live in observing, inner listening and examining our character, attitudes and actions. This brings all that is unconscious in us to light.


It is only by making the unconscious conscious that we gain wisdom.The many subtle insights and shifts of attitude that come from steady self-reflection all work to reveal our conscious spirit more fully, in the mirror of its own luminous intelligence.


Our intellect is not a dull instrument; it is the mirror that reflects the light of our consciousness. As we gain ever more subtle wisdom, the mind becomes luminous, like the moon being lit by the sun of pure consciousness. We experience a depth of stillness and well-being that steadily transforms the mind. Again, transforming our personality and mind patterns is not something we do with the hope that if we do it well enough, then an awakening will magically happen. Rather, the illumination of the mind and purification of the psyche is the natural function of consciousness -- and is inseparable from awakening itself. When there is sufficient clarity, consciousness reveals itself to itself, in totality and timelessness.