A young spiritual teacher said, "I used to think that freedom meant not having any beliefs, but now I'm not so sure of that belief!" Well that's exactly it. When we first open deeply to Being and awareness, we tend to think there's no more need for ideas, views or opinions, or even that they are harmful.

What is a belief? Belief can mean an idea we cling to without having investigated it; it can mean blindly accepted dogma and doctrine; or it can mean our best understanding of what is actual and true.

For example I "believe" that love is real. I believe that consciousness is independent of the body. I believe that people can change in deep ways. I believe that spanking children is harmful. I believe in the right of free speech. And so forth.

These beliefs are based on deep experience and observation. Other beliefs are more intuitional or inductive in nature. For example, I believe, based on the testimony of many ordinary people, of which I have read hundreds, that angels and spiritual messengers exist.

There is nothing wrong with believing what is apparently true or "close to truth" in your experience or intuition. In fact, the idea that anyone on Earth walks around with no beliefs at all, or no knowledge or views in their mind to shape their perception, is just another fiction of the spiritual marketplace.