There is a way home. The way is through the heart, with all its ancient pain and longing.


I'd like you to remember where you came from, both in spirit and flesh. I'd like you to slow down and consider what is most real in your life. All the love you have ever given and received. All the sweet souls you've known and shared happiness with.


I'd like to invite you into a new story of healing and wholeness. It's a journey of finding new vision for Life by listening to the depths of your own psyche and being, instead of fleeing toward grandiose metaphysics and exterior teachings. From deep inner listening - to your being and to all of Life - comes understanding, which is love. Nothing else can do this for you, but your own listening.

Your Life is the Way

It generally takes a while before we are willing to treat our own life and psyche as the way. Until then we cling to practices, doctrines and exotic traditions, which seem to give us some security or status. Eventually you realize your biggest opportunities for illumination are here in the mundane situations of your life. You could make your living room beautiful. You could take care of your health. You could be more honest in your relationships. For this you usually don't need to go on another spiritual retreat. You need to inhabit your interior and external life more fully. Even your trivial longings and crude desires represent the soul's longing for righteousness and real love, so you have to learn how to relate to them with more insight. We must finally turn our full love and attention upon our inner life in all its confusing contradictions and idiosyncrasies instead of looking outward.