A Personal Message

Welcome to my website and teachings. I'd like to provide some context to the teachings you will find here. 

In 2006 I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening, which was immensely life-changing. I suddenly experienced energies, states of mind and insights I had only read about before. I then went through more than 10 years of ongoing transformation and deepening of my understanding and perspective. 

In 2006, no doubt a great doorway of spiritual experience and understanding was opened. Yet my wisdom and view at that time was quite incomplete, and there were many residual obscurations in the psyche. Today, I am aware that many of the spiritual teachings we hear are quite incomplete


Michael Damian, Ph.D. is a spiritual teacher, Jungian depth psychologist, and author of The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening. Michael is a guide to authentic spiritual transformation and awakening for many around the world. His teachings clarify the timeless principles of spirit and psyche that reveal love, peace and happiness.

Michael shares the understanding that Life is a natural process of becoming conscious, learning love and revealing the wholeness of our spiritual nature. He helps people to easily begin living from observing awareness and to bring new integrity to one's life and relationships.


Inner observing brings us to face everything within our heart and mind that obscures love, truth, and divine consciousness. From there the light of conscious intelligence begins to dissolve our hardened layers of defense. Michael's experience as a depth psychologist also brings keen insight to the unconscious, archetypal patterns that take over our personality and how we can make the unconscious conscious.


Born in 1975, Michael has had a love of inner silence and self-knowledge from an early age. This led to a life of passionate exploration in many areas, including the martial arts, literature, music and psychology. After growing up in New England, Michael lived and worked in Amsterdam, London and Washington, DC. He then moved to California to earn his Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

During the following years Michael went through a classical mystic's journey of self-knowledge and spiritual awakening. After another ten years Michael began to guide and mentor spiritual seekers.