Bridging the divine


Michael Damian, Ph.D. is a spiritual teacher, Jungian psychologist, and author of The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening. Michael is a guide to inner transformation and awakening for many around the world. As a highly empathic and experienced healer of the psyche (which means soul), Michael works from a deep understanding of human development, joined with the transcendent wisdom of pure consciousness.

Michael's core message is that all there is, is God or divine consciousness. The self of all beings is conscious presence. Instead of regarding our mind, world, or sense of self as illusion, we need only recognize our real, spiritual self as conscious presence. In conscious presence we know the oneness of Being as well as the individuality of expression. Our thoughts, feelings and actions will then reflect conscious intelligence.


There is nothing to get rid of except for false, loveless and disempowering ways of viewing Life. By becoming conscious, we overcome our automatic conditioning and realize the true, conscious nature of free will.


Born in 1975, Michael has had a love of inner silence and self-knowledge from an early age. This led to a life of passionate exploration in many areas, including the martial arts, literature, music and psychology. After growing up in New England, Michael lived and worked in Amsterdam, London and Washington, DC. He then moved to California to earn his Ph.D. in clinical psychology. During the following years Michael went through a classical mystic journey of self-knowledge and spiritual awakening.