Awakening Process
The purpose of life is to become radiantly aware. Once there is a sufficient depth of self-reflection and purification, awareness reveals its divine nature and penetrates the confusions of the human mind. Awareness then becomes wisdom, love and vitality all at once.

In this teaching, a human being is understood as an integral spiritual being that has several aspects, which cannot be separated from each other. Although our essential nature is consciousness, it is consciousness expressing itself in and through a human psyche or soul, along with a body.

It is vital, in our spiritual awakening, to realize the transcendent nature of the spirit or pure consciousness. This sets us free of the solely material and mental sense of self. But it remains the case that this transcendent consciousness is simultaneously manifesting as a human psyche (mind) and body.


Therefore, when we speak of spiritual peace, wisdom, love and sanity, we are speaking not only of the essential qualities of consciousness, but also of these qualities as being demonstrably manifest (or not) in our own psychology and experience. For example, it is of no use for me to claim that consciousness, or the spirit, is always in pure peace and acceptance, unless I, myself, am enjoying this peace. In other words, claims about absolute truth, on their own, are relatively irrelevant. We are aiming to directly know our spiritual nature to have our psychology by transformed by it. The fruits of this knowing are wisdom, love, sanity, meaning and vitality in action.


In this teaching there is no getting rid of your real self, which is made of pure consciousness or eternal spirit. The spiritual self is indeed far more expansive, radiant and intelligent than our false, mental notion of ourselves. It is certainly not nothing.

In this teaching I make a clear distinction between the false, mental idea of self and the real, spiritual, conscious self or essence. Our real self can be called pure consciousness, awareness, conscious presence or spirit. I consider these terms entirely synonymous. There are no levels or layers of the self. Our self is the universal conscious principle (I Am) that gives each of us the sense of absolute existence, intelligence and awareness. Contrary to certain very abstract spiritual approaches, there is no such thing as going beyond the I Am into a yet more absolute nothingness. Such ideas only keep people chasing an illusory notion of freedom. The real I Am is not a concept or image we hold to. It is our directly known reality.

Our problem is not that we exist as conscious beings. The problem is only that we do not know, live and understand our real nature. We therefore live in a state of unconsciousness, inauthenticity, emotional reactivity and alienation from others. We tend to imagine ourselves as tragically broken or flawed. Awakening means to reverse all of this by using the light of observing -- the aware, subtle, intelligent nature of our consciousness. This brings stillness, love and authenticity to our being.


Observing is our nature. Observing is not done by the mind; it is done by awareness. When we first get in touch with our conscious, observing nature, our awareness seems to be wavering and a bit unclear. Yet even at the beginning, recognizing our observing awareness can bring a great influx of peace as the sense of inner space opens up in self-recognition. From then on our attention will be naturally brought back again and again to the fact of inner observing. Over time, our sense of awareness will become more lucid and powerful.

The purpose of observing is to realize the transcendent, unitive, conscious nature of the observer. We do this by reflecting on our nature and by using awareness to see through delusions.

We have to use inner observing to stop identifying exclusively with thoughts and feelings. As we gain liberating insight into the mind, we are also more able to act courageously in our lives. Insight clarifies action. But sometimes, we must take action even if we do not feel entirely clear. We must act on our best insight and then learn from the results.

By practicing observing and taking action, we gradually learn to act from clarity rather than from reactive emotion or fear. Eventually, wisdom becomes so deep that right action becomes quite effortless and spontaneous.

The emphasis on taking courageous action in our lives ensures that Life will put our wisdom to the test. As we learn to come from the clarity and stillness of conscious presence, we will embody real love instead of reactive emotions. This love is simply the natural well-being, stillness and energetic radiance of conscious presence.

"I'd like to find a counselor who is spiritually awakened, understands how energy works and is also an experienced psychologist. Someone who can listen to me in all my current confusion, while seeing and bringing out the truth of me."

"I don't want to talk to someone who just harps on the big spiritual truths we've all heard before. I want to talk to someone who makes space for the full mess of the human experience and supports me, step by step, through the crisis I'm in."

These feelings often surface in times of uncertainty. They are ones that I am very familiar with and have fascinated me, because out of ten different guides, each will say different things and resonate differently. In my experience, even some very wise counselors will somehow miss the heart of the matter, and give advice that does not suit the soul of a person and their situation.

What makes a gifted healer and mentor? A gifted psycho-spiritual mentor will really hear what you feel about all sides of the situation, will validate all aspects and help you think through things fully. They will help you to understand your personality for all its complexity, as well as your conscious essence and its perspective on life. They will reflect to you your freedom to choose and to learn whatever needs learning. This is my intention with each of my clients.


Counseling sessions offer a transformative, gentle and loving container for psycho-spiritual growth, awakening and integration. The most essential aspect of this work is my understanding that each human being is awakening through the vehicle of their own life experience and inner character. Therefore we each need personally tailored guidance from a person who intends to understand our individuality.

Of course, we are all expressions of an unconditionally loving Source, Consciousness or Spirit. Within this divine play, we all have unique challenges and strengths that shape each situation. My role is to meet you exactly where you are and facilitate the growth that is emerging. I use my experience as a spiritual teacher and depth psychologist to truly hear, validate and support your experience as it is right now, while also facilitating your insight and heart opening.

Right when you are wondering if it's okay for you to be pouring out so many thoughts and feelings about a situation, you will find that I am listening deeply and will invite you to continue. Why? Because all of your thoughts and feelings need to be heard -- no matter how trivial, irrational or unspiritual we think they are. By giving them voice we can then see the truth or fiction in them.

At the same time, I know when to gently interrupt and help you refocus and reframe something. Along with empathy for how you feel, I also model clear boundaries and a balance of masculine and feminine sensibilities in Life -- which each of us must learn to access.


My gift is a keen intuitive perception of people's spiritual obstacles and opportunities. With this intuition I then communicate with you in a way that clarifies, inspires, calms and activates your wisdom. I have a deep sensitivity to the underlying levels of suffering, hurt and doubt that you may have, which may be covered over by distracting habits, self-help strategies or highly abstract metaphysical ideas.

I know what exists in the deep psyche or unconscious shadow that we are all so good at hiding from. I have been through the hellish agony of the dark night of the soul and have received real illumination.

I also know exactly what spiritual awakening is, how it unfolds, and whether or not you are deeply awakened or just have had some insights. If you are looking for a spiritual mentor who you cannot fool with a nice story, I am your man. I am aware that countless new-age and spiritual seekers are lost in groupthink and idealistic wish-fulfillment rather than grounded wisdom. I can help you cut through all of that to real love and truth.

I can help you

Deepen your spiritual knowing of Essence/Spirit/Consciousness.
Bring real love, intimacy and truth to your relationships (and know when to leave one).
Create an empowered, spiritually beneficial lifestyle.

My many years of experience as both a spiritual mentor and clinical depth psychologist allow me to see how our spiritual nature inhabits, moves through and awakens from the personality structure. I emphasize that in this process, you cannot skip over the small stuff. We cannot ignore the deep psyche and its laws -- because all of it is spiritual. You may or not receive a great spiritual illumination one day, but I can promise you that doing your depth psycho-spiritual work is the best thing you can do if you want to live an authentic and awakened life.


I'm looking forward to working with you

You'll meet me on Zoom or call me by phone (650.851.1952) at our session time.

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Cancellation and no-show policy: If you let me know within 12 hours of our appointment, rescheduling's no problem. If you need to cancel, please do so within 24 hours of the appointment and I will refund your session fee or put a credit on your account. If you miss your appointment and I have no prior notice, you may forfeit the option to reschedule. If you are a no-show, your session fee will not be refunded.

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